Couple Cutting Cake

Let Them Eat Cake?

Ok, so the wedding ceremony is over and y’all are almost officially husband and wife. DON’T forget to sign your marriage license! On goes the reception… Food, drinks and dancing. Ultimately, if you have a wild crowd, someone will partake a little too much in the sauce. However, this can prove to be somewhat entertaining. But seriously, lets discuss the feeding of the cake. It is one of my favorite moments in the reception. Why you ask? Why NOT I say!

Think about it… what other time in your married adult life will you have the chance to smash cake in your husband’s face (and do so out of love)? Now you see my point. You might be thinking, “I can’t do that” or “why DIDN’T I do that.” Right on!

On that note I will share with you my own battle with this never ending question: to smash or not to smash? At my reception, it wasn’t until it was time to cut the cake that this question came up. I hadn’t given it any thought before that day. Seconds before actually doing the age old tradition, I wondered, “what does this tradition mean?” I wanted to know, so I looked it up. What this symbolizes is a husband and wife starting their life together and doing things as a couple, together. Maybe, as a couple, it should be decided what you two want to do. So back to my story… We cut the cake; one slice just for ourselves and then cut that into pieces. We each took one of the quartered pieces with our hands. Let’s stop right here for a second. I want to address the whole feeding the cake with a fork, you can do this if you want but seriously people. Just feed the cake with your fingers—it’s ok! Not to mention, more fun. And you can really smash cake in the other persons face! That being said, we went to feed our wedding cake to each other and my husband (making the comment that we did not discuss this; I guess he could see the fire in my eyes) and ever so gently placed the cake in my mouth. Well, I decided to smash my piece of cake all over his face and up his nostril. I just could not help myself. No regrets!

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